Founded in 2011, with the motto of connecting everybody to a terribly stable and high speed wireless & fiber broadband services, Pintwire started in Raipur in a small workplace..

Pintwire was founded, mastered, by its visionary, Mr. Nitin Agrawal & Mr. Vivek Agrawal.

Pintwire serve internet to all Raipur with Class-C Unified ISP license No. DS-11/75/2015-DS-III granted by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Govt. of India.

The definition of internet services is changing. Wi-Fi and Fiber broadband was about a highspeed connection to the Internet at Home & Offices. Now it’s about a concerning wherever you need it.

Customers required high-speed and flexibility to keep connected to necessity information, content and services.Pintwire is an industry pacemaker in providing internet services that keep public attach at home and on travel.

We square measure backed by a strong set of network engineers and staffs.We provide wireless internet, fiber internet, hotspot creation etc. Pintwire aims of providing glorious public internet access services to many those that use Internet for fun or business. It provides easy to use, fast broadband access no matter the situation.

At Pintwire, our vision is to have everyone everyplace and anytime connected to the internet at fast speed and reasonable costs. Our main aim is to be a world class internet service provider to distribute high quality Wireless & Fiber broadband internet at rock bottom prices. We square measure committed to partnering with businesses to offer their customers Wireless & Fiber broadband internet services they require, at the quality they deserve.

Customers have shown they want high-speed, flexibility and value from their internet broadband service. This way Pintwire is trying to win all the hearts among all the companies that offer wireless & fiber broadband services.


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